Another On Plan Day!

Yay! Another good day. Ate Nutrisystem foods today, which is really great when I am swamped. No thinking needed. So busy, though. One more day of having a million things to do, then only 999,999 after that :). I don’t like being so hectic – I feel like I don’t get time for myself to just relax.

I am already thinking about tomorrow’s jog. Wednesday evening is the only weekday evening I get to spend with DH most times. So, not sure if I am going to jog in the evening or not. I may get up early and go if I can – but I have been so tired from all the work that I haven’t been getting up early. I could move the jog to Thursday, but the weather looks rainy. Wish I could get him to go with me!! I’ll figure something out.

Tomorrow is weigh in day, not sure what the scale will bring – either more sameness or hopefully a loss! I would like to end the month on a positive note. I am looking forward to measurements – I think I lost a little off my hips and thighs with all the jogging!

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