Almost the weekend!

Got one of my big projects done, so that is a relief!! Now I can get back to normal craziness 🙂

One of those times I am really looking forward to the weekend. Ended up eating about 200 extra calories today. Have the munchies big time.

I completed my goal for the month of thirteen 3.25 mile jogs during the month of July (3 per week). That was my goal, and I did it! I will keep with the jogging.

Yesterday I tried some intervals. During the last mile, I picked up the pace for the straight parts of the track, and went back to normal pace on the curves. That was hard LOL! I don’t know if doing that at the end of the run is better than at the beginning when I am fresh or not. Hopefully I can get my pace down to a 10 minute mile by the time I do the September run. That’s my new goal. I did 3 miles in 39 minutes – a 13 minute mile.

I’ve been thinking about maintenance again, and wonder how I will change what I am eating. I really don’t know how to maintain, just how to gain or lose! I almost fear maintenance for that reason.

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