Weigh in day! And Size 10 jeans!

Weigh in day. I lost 0.6 pounds, and I am so grateful for that! Considering the Indian food and cake the other day, having a loss was pretty surprising. Guess all that jogging is good for something LOL! Better not get cocky, though. 11 pounds to goal. I hope to hit that in 3 months. It’s getting so slow now.

Here is a pic of my new size 10 (!!!!!!!!) jeans! Note the slimming pose I struck 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Weigh in day! And Size 10 jeans!

  1. Susan

    You really look fabulous! I’m new to your blog so I’m not caught up on your journey just yet, but when you compare the “old” you to the “new” you it is clear that your hard work is paying off.

    Congrats on the new pair of skinny jeans 🙂


  2. Lisa Newton

    Congratulations on the new size…………:)

    You look great, and I bet you feel even better.

  3. Anonymous

    Wow! Size 10 jeans and you’re really rockin’ them! BTW…Size 10 jeans are my goal.

    Girlygirlsebas (Rhonda) from 3FC

  4. SeaShore

    lol – I do the one foot forward pose, too 😉 Difference is, you don’t need to!!

    Congrats on the loss and the jeans!

  5. debbyweighsin

    Boy You look great Lori! Isn’t that something to get into a size 10! I can totally relate. It sure is fun to try on clothes and get them because they look good, and not just because ‘they’ll do.’

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