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Over this past week (for whatever reason) I have received quite a few comments and emails about how I am an inspiration. That is very flattering and terrifying at the same time. More and more people view this blog every day, which I truly appreciate.

When I started this blog, it was more of an online journal for myself and my ramblings, so John didn’t have to hear them all LOL! I really never expected a lot of people to find it, let alone follow my journey. But then, I read other blogs myself to get motivation, so why wouldn’t mine do the same for others? It does add pressure, and I feel even more accountable to this blog to be honest with my weight loss progress and how I am feeling about it. Right now I just happen to be on a real roll with things, and maybe that is where the inspiration to others is stemming from.

Today I had a personal best with my jogging. Did 3 miles in 37:30 !! The intervals really help with that. I think I will do my next official 5K with intervals as well. Guess I don’t need to save them for training! FYI, I just signed up for another 5K in September. The goal I am shooting for for that one is a 12 minute mile. Not sure if I will get there, but I should be close.

Got my new bike tire today (obviously I haven’t biked all week). Took it into the shop and had them give me the new tube and put on a new pedal. My bike looks so beat up and dirty compared to the shiny new $500+ bikes in the shop. My poor bike that is my very favorite piece of equipment that I own! John said I should think about a new road bike, but I don’t want another one. Mine is so comfy and fits me perfectly. I might paint it, though. I was thinking gold.

As I promised earlier this week – here is one of my new strength workouts. These were all free weights. You can find videos of most of these at

Upper body:

dumbbell shoulder press: 3X10 18lb
dumbbell front raise: 3×10 11 pounds
hammer curl 3×10 13 pounds
triceps extension 3×10 13 pounds
dumbbell chest fly 3×10 13 pounds
dumbbell chest press 3×10 18 pounds

Oh, and food was pretty good today as well.

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One thought on “Inspiration and general musings

  1. Anonymous

    You are truely an inspiration! And it is not just that you have lost so much weight but your perseverance throughout your weight loss. When the #’s are low or don’t move, you don’t fret, you continue on with your new healthy lifestyle. Please don’t stress over all the new attention. You continue to do what you do to make yourself happy. Your health and happiness comes first. 😉 All the extra attention is just a bonus!

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