Great Escape

So today the weather was nice and we decided it would be the day we went to Great Escape (6 Flags). I was a little nervous, because this is the first time I have appeared in public in a swimsuit in at least 2 years. I know it’s silly, but that doesn’t stop the self conscious feelings.

The loose skin on my thighs was bothering me today. Funny – I go out in tight bike shorts and a tight dryweave top when I bike or jog without too many issues now – but the swimsuit felt really different. I think it was because I wasn’t being athletic today, just being relaxed. Of course, no one said anything to me, no comments or anything like that. Probably I didn’t even garner a second thought to anyone except myself.

We bumped into my sister and 4 year old niece at the park today, which was quite a surprise! Heard someone call my name and thought “Who the heck could that be?”. And there was my sis! And the first thing out of my niece’s mouth was “I like your swimsuit Aunt Lori”. 🙂

Small vent here. We have been trying to stay away from corporate meat. We do eat local farm meat that is locally processed, but try to avoid mass meat products. So, trying to find a vegetarian meal at Great Escape was really, really difficult. One place had a greek salad, but it was full of onions and olives – so that was out. The other options were just side items like a bowl of coleslaw or a fruit cup. Finally, we found a place in Wiggles World that served grilled cheese sandwiches, complete with smiley fries. Made for little kids, but it worked for us. Not having children, I can tell you that eating in Wiggles World was very surreal. So, I am thinking I might write a letter to them about the food options.

Needless to say, grilled cheese and fries were not the best for my plan, so I’ll have to be diligent for the next few days. At least we got in a lot of walking! We did manage to avoid the fried dough, cinnamon roasted nuts, and ice cream stands, so some victory there!

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One thought on “Great Escape

  1. ptg

    First off, thanks for the link to your blog!

    Secondly, I think you look fantastic now! But I can totally understand the swimsuit thing. I am already having nightmares of wearing one in two months! Besides, with a swimsuit you’re much more exposed than you are even with a dryweave shirt and shorts…so I totally understand it!

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