Feeling blah today.

One of those days where I just feel kind of tired and blah. You know the type. Days like this I tend to struggle with food as well, and today is no exception. I made some zuchinni bread on Friday, and I forgot what trouble I have with sweet bread. Even though I added protein powder and oat fiber to the recipe, that doesn’t make this bread a free-for-all to eat. I really have had too much of it this weekend.

Today has been rainy, so the planned bike ride is off, which I am pretty bummed about. I do love my biking. Even if it stops raining enough to bike, the trails will be too sloppy to ride. So that means I either need to do a dvd tonight, or I might sneak out if the rain breaks this evening for a jog. No matter what else I do today, I must get in some cardio.

My parents should be closing on their house at the end of the week. They currently live about 3.5 hours away from us, and will now be moving about 5 *miles* away. So that will be nice to be able to see them more often. And I can bike to their house LOL!

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One thought on “Feeling blah today.

  1. debby

    Hi Lori, I wish I could figure out the formula as to why we have those tired and blah days. They just seem to pop up when you’re not particularly expecting them.

    i like sweet bread too–heck, I like anything sweet. I have a zuchini bread recipe that I love that is very low in fat, high in fiber. But as soon as it cools off, I cut it into the portion sizes I want, and freeze the pieces in ziplock bags. For some reason I am able to control myself if the food is in the freezer.

    (If you want the recipe, let me know. It might have too many carbs for you.)

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