Great on plan day

Well, I am post happy today! Not terribly busy today, so I can play! Food totally on plan, and I got in all my exercise today.

I have found my calories creeping up to around 1500 per day, and I am still losing, so that makes me pretty happy, although I have to be careful not to creep up too high. I don’t care if the losses are slow, I would rather eat more. I don’t know if that is sad or not, but being hungry always leads to bingeing for me. That’s why it is important for me to eat every few hours. If I get really hungry – I call that ‘falling off the cliff’, and at the bottom of the cliff is usually a pile of donuts or some other mound of food.

So, I have been searching for a triathlon to do next year. And, I need to plan how to train for it. I will likely need a membership to the Y or a gym with a pool. So, I need to poke around for that as well. Still not sure about the gym membership. I hate spending the gas to go workout. I might be able to bike to the Y now, but certainly not in the winter. Although, I might wait on the membership until 4-5 months before the tri. I’ve got time.

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One thought on “Great on plan day

  1. SuperDave

    Great blog!
    You are an inspiration.
    *In Billy Crystal voice*
    “You look marvelous!”

    Looking forward to hearing more.

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