100 pound rose bush

I love gardening, and do what I can in our limited space. When I lost 100 pounds, I decided to buy a rose bush. I wanted something different, and I’m fairly picky about the type of roses I get (no tea roses, nothing fussy, and they must hardy and fragrant).

We were at Lowe’s, and I wasn’t actually planning on buying any plants there, but I usually check out their sale area (neglected plants). I saw a floribunda rose there, and it looked solid, but just neglected. For some reason, the plant really spoke to me and I thought “Guess this is my 100 pound rose”. I saw that the structure was good, it just needed pruning and watering. So, brought my Charlie Brown rose bush home and planted it.

Now, a month later, it’s thriving and just started to bloom again. The name is Sunsprite, and it has wonderful yellow, fragrant blooms.

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3 thoughts on “100 pound rose bush

  1. Chai Latté

    How beautiful! And what a nice reminder of your hard work, and how YOU continue to bloom brighter every year!

  2. Once Upon A Dieter

    I adore yellow roses. My mother used to plant at least one yellow rose bush for ME, but they never thrived as well as the red and pink ones down here for some reason.

    What a lovely blossom. THANKS for that. I wish I could SMELL it. 🙂

    And a wonderful, wonderful, earth-friendly, air-enhancing, aesthetic way to commemorate such a huge success!!!!

    The P

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