Finally – a bike ride!

A couple dry days in a row, so we got out for a bike ride today. Yay! Felt good. I also did a 2 mile jog this morning, since I knew I would be having a big cupcake later in the day, so wanted some extra cardio.

Had to go down and feed my sister’s chickens today, so we stayed around Saratoga for a while. There is a new shop there that sells cupcakes only (Spa City Cupcakes). Saw it last time I was down, but didn’t get anything. I have been wanting one, and I said to myself on Thursday that I could have one on Saturday if I wanted, and if I ate well during the week. Both of those were applicable today, so I got one. It was really, really sweet. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but not sure how soon I would get another one. Talk about a sugar high! I could feel my muscles thrumming about 10 minutes after I finished it. John didn’t finish his, and it was all I could do not to eat the frosting he had left! LOL! Definitely not used to food like that anymore at all. Really glad I did both bike and jog today.

Also, I jogged yesterday and had a new PB!! did 3 miles and finished in 35:45, so less than a 12 minute mile! I downloaded a new set of tunes from – called ‘around the world’, and I think the tempo of that really got me moving.

The scale continues to inch downward, which is a good feeling. Seems to be a little faster in August than it was in July, but that’s not saying much 🙂
I kind of like the daily checking now, as I can see how I can maintain what I am doing and be successful. Even when I have days where I eat too much, it really isn’t more than 2000 calories, which is barely a blip on the scale (as long as I don’t do that multiple days in a row, knock on wood).

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    Thanks for your kind mention of The JogTunes Indie Podcast and the latest “world” theme episode. It’s always a thrill to learn about people who enjoy the show and find it helpful in staying fit.

    Here are some links for your readers:
    The podcast page

    Much success with your fitness endeavors!

    Dr. Bob

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