Another Sunday

Not doing too much tonight. Kind of getting antsy for Sunday Night Football! Or any football. Preseason just wets my taste buds LOL! Go Broncos!

Had a nice relaxing day today. Went out for bagels for breakfast, then knocked around the house a while. Took a bike ride for Only8 yogurt. It’s about 15 miles there and back. John left me to go somewhere else from the yogurt place, so I got to pedal home and see how fast I could really go. I tend to go much faster than John, and have to slow myself down when we bike together. It’s a little hard to say what MPH I did, since there were some traffic lights and had to wait for some cars, but at least 14 miles an hour. I just love biking! I think this is as relaxed as I can get. I don’t seem to be able to take a whole day off from movement.

I was thinking today, it seems like me getting to goal is inevitable. I never viewed it that way before, but it really seems like it’s going to happen. Don’t know when, but sometime this year, I would think. Or at least the original goal of 135 that I have set. I’m trying to be patient and not get the urge to do crazy stuff to finish out faster, like dropping calories or doing something stupid. That’s not the goal here. I’m feeling calm and confident. Can someone please remind me of this post if I get funny in a couple months??? 🙂

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