Eating clean Day 2 and rest day!

Okay, so yesterday I ate clean and I feel fantastic today! It’s amazing how the same amount of calories, but just as different types of food can make you feel.

On to Day 2! My goal is to get through at least Friday eating clean. For me, a big part of clean eating is to get rid of the nibbles. You know, those little bites and tastes of things. Grabbing a couple crackers off of DH’s plate. Eating 5 chocolate chips. Pouring granola and eating a chunk out of the container. Those little things that don’t quite make it into TDP. We call those “little mousie nibbles” around here.

So, today is cardio rest day. Must…be….strong….so…. hard…. to… sit… still…

For activity, I will be doing my upper body strength training workout and then about 30 minutes of pilates.

My legs better reward me with a good run tomorrow!

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