5 Days of Clean Eating done!

I made it through my mini-challenge pretty much 100%. I did have a teaspoon of dark chocolate chips last night, but I don’t consider dark chocolate to be junk.
Any other challengers out there have success? I hope so! (Dave, I’m looking in your direction!)

So, the weekend is here, and I know I will be having a cupcake 🙂 . Going out with my sis for a 5K run together later this morning. It’s neat running with her, we both took up running in April and it is something to do together besides eat!! LOL.

I’ve really been thinking hard about my macros. I want to get to 40/30/30 (currently around 50/25/25), but I have found I just can’t do that with my current menus without either increasing the amount of food, or playing with the food itself. So, I have made a decision to go back to 2% milk. I need to get my fat content up for the macros to fall better, and I didn’t want to just add more fat by itself. 2% milk will keep the protein there, plus give me a bit more fat without a whole lot more calories than the 1% I was drinking. A few more fat grams per day will help. If that goes well, then I will probably move to 2% Fage yogurt instead of 0%. That is the only fat free dairy I currently use.
I made a decision not to increase the nuts I eat in a day, because nuts can be a big trigger food for me if I am not careful. I eat 1/3 of an ounce, and wanted to wait until maintenance to increase that food item.

It’s a little scary to be playing with this close to goal, but gradual changes won’t disturb anything.

Looking at a new September workout routine, I will post more on that this weekend.

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2 thoughts on “5 Days of Clean Eating done!

  1. SuperDave

    Congrats for you and me!!
    I’ve done good all week. I am going to eat good the rest of the day. Tomorrow is my middle son’s BD – he is officially a teenager(13.) I need drugs!! I will a little “bad ” tomorrow!!

  2. working at it

    Found some inspriation from you this morning. I like the mini goal of have a a clean eating week. Congrats you did it. I’m kind of at a low point. Just returned to work so my schedule is all crazy and I can’t get in a routine. I’d love to be able to run. I’m jealous you did that!!!

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