Faster than a speeding bullet

Having a nice quiet moment today. I woke up early, as per usual. Decided to get up and go for a jog. Since today is a holiday, there is no construction outside the house, and the streets are very quiet. Just me and the little birdies out for a run. Gorgeous weather, too – about 55 degrees and sunny. I pushed the jog just a bit, not too much and lowered my time even more: 3 miles in 33:50

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 33:50
Pace: 11:17

Mile 1 – 11:30
Mile 2 – 11:10
Mile 3 – 11:10

I felt like I was pushing a little in the last mile, but I think I actually was flagging and the push kept me on the 2nd mile pace.

On to face a birthday party today! Have a super holiday everyone!

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One thought on “Faster than a speeding bullet

  1. ptg

    GREAT JOB on the run!!! You are doing so fantastic – keep pushing yourself, you’ll be amazed at what your body can do!

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