Need to focus more on weekends.

I find myself getting a little lax on weekends. Today I was in my calorie range, but I did snack more than I normally do. I can’t justify the eating with the extra exercise I do on the weekends, even though I want to. I am still in weight loss mode, so it is critical that I regain a tight rein on the weekends.

Tomorrow is my niece’s birthday party, and I will be having a cupcake. They are grilling out, and we are going to bring some Boca burgers so my sister doesn’t have to buy special meat for us (since we only eat local farmed meat). At least I can control that portion of stuff!

I will be going for a 3 mile run in the morning before we go, and starting my new lifting program. I am doing a 28 day body shaping program. Too lazy right now to go get the book and give you the exact title (ironic, isn’t it?). It’s a split routine of 3 lifting days per week and cardio alternate days. The lifting uses superset and pyramids – I am kind of excited to try it! Perfect for a September challenge.

So – my challenge for this week is more forward-looking. I am going to concentrate over the next weekend to buckle down and eat well. Exercise is no problem, as we always bike, but I am going to plan ahead for Sat and Sun.

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