Going to be on plan today

So, focusing on being on plan today. Despite the fact that John is making a peach cobbler! Eeek! But, just because he makes it doesn’t mean I have to eat it.

Hannah rain coming in today, periods of showers, so I did not get a jog in this morning. I will try later if it passes through quickly, or just do a DVD.

Chest and back muscles pretty sore today from yesterday’s workout. The scale also has not budged since Wed. I didn’t even get a downward bump from donating blood yesterday. I said that I expected this due to the increased strength training, so it isn’t a surprise, but it is still a bit bothersome. I figure water retention for a couple of weeks before the scale moves downward again. How to make the emotional mind accept that is another trick all together. Food has been pretty good since Monday.

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2 thoughts on “Going to be on plan today

  1. SeaShore

    We’re expecting Hannah tomorrow.

    I like your statement about the “emotional mind”. I’m still a little crushed when I see the scale go up due to water retention, even though I know perfectly well what it is!

    Good luck with the cobbler!

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