Struggling in my mind.


So, I ate on plan today, which is good. But it was a struggle. Do you ever have those times where you feel like you ate poorly, even though you didn’t? It’s so weird. It’s like I have that need to be perfect in both thought and action.

I don’t know if it is the scale thing that is starting to throw me for a loop or what. I have to remind myself (repeatedly, ad nauseum) that I expected to gain or maintain this month, but now that the reality is actually happening, my perfectionist mind is causing me grief.

And it doesn’t matter what I tell myself. Yes, I have come a long way, I’m seeing results in other ways than on the scale, yadda, yadda, yadda. šŸ™‚

I did run 3 something miles this morning, and did my strength workout, as listed below. I have a 5K race this Sunday, so I moved my weekly runs to MWF instead of TTS. I think I like it better that way anyway. I really wonder how long the 5K will take me this weekend, I am kind of excited to find out!

Gonna go watch some football. My Broncos are 2-0 (thanks, refs!!).

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2 thoughts on “Struggling in my mind.

  1. ptg

    I wrote about the same thing you mentioned a few weeks ago (“I have that need to be perfect in both thought and action”).

    I too am a perfectionist, and if I do not stick on track even the slightest bit then I feel as if I should not lose weight. Now, obviously this thinking is warped and untrue and should be changed…but regardless, it is how I feel.

    So I perfectly understand what you write about the scale and how you feel it should be going DOWN, not UP, with the added activity.

    I won’t throw any of the usual words at you except – I understand. It does suck. It isn’t fair. But you will keep moving forward, one step at a time, because the other direction is the wrong way. :o)

  2. SeaShore

    I have the opposite happen. I think I’ve done great, then I highlight the less than stellar choices in my food journal and I think “uh oh”. The times I’ve gained haven’t been a surprise, but they were still disappointing. A little bit of denial mixed with misplaced optimism!

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