Sore legs today.

Good thing that I moved my jog to coincide with the shapeover workouts this week. My legs are killing me! I took a short walk today for a little cardio. I have a few days to recover before Sunday’s race.

Yesterday I did a 3 mile jog in 33:39, about my usual pace now. I am shooting for finishing the 5K in 37 minutes. That gives me some leeway with an unfamiliar course and such. It will be fairly chilly Sunday morning, too! Yesterday it was 45 degrees when I was out. I wore sweats, but my short-sleeve wicking shirt. I was really sweaty, but then kind of clammy cold. Ick.
After that jog, we walked to breakfast – so I got another 30 minute walk in, then did my lower body workout. I was ravenous for a lot of yesterday.

I did try the 1 minute muffin with pumpkin today. I just subbed all of the oil with 2 tablespoons of canned pumpkin. I cooked it a little longer than a minute. It was yummy and more moist than the oil version. Go figure. John really liked it, too.

Tried another batch of protein bars with oats, will post that recipe and pics when I get a chance. A little more filling than the cookie one, but less calories and less protein. Lucky for me DH is willing to try all my experiments!

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4 thoughts on “Sore legs today.

  1. Christie O.

    those protein bars look wonderful!!! and what is this one-minute muffin that looks deelish???

    hey, guess what! You won the drawing this week! please e-mail me with your address: christieo_7 at msn dot com. (I couldn’t find your email address)

    and good luck on your run!!! i beat my 37 minute time last weekend with a 35:50, so i am SURE you can do it!! Good luck!!!

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