Race Day is tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the Palio 5K race. My sister picked up my bib, chip and packet this morning so that I don’t have to go down there super early tomorrow morning. Got a nice bag with some good swag in it! Still trying to decide what to wear. Overnight lows are going to be in the low 40s, and the race starts at 8:05. Short sleeve top, that’s for sure, but not sure if shorts or sweats for the bottom half 🙂

Going to take it a bit easy today. Just a 15 mile bike ride to keep myself loose, no other cardio and no lifting! Have brekkie planned out (1 minute muffin), and will be bringing a home made protein bar to eat right before I start the run. There will be probably a 2 hour period between the race and breakfast, so I’ll eat the bar while waiting at the start.

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3 thoughts on “Race Day is tomorrow!

  1. SuperDave

    Now don’t take off too fast like most people do. Wait to the last mile, then give it hell!!
    You’ll do great and have fun!
    GO LORI! hehe

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