Oh Yeah!!


My race today was fabulous! Beautiful weather, not really cold, but cool, sunny, no wind.
Started the race with my sis, and then I went ahead and got up to pace. I felt great at the start, so I knew I would do well. Checked my time at the first mile marker and was under 11. I thought the mile marker was wrong or something LOL. I pushed a bit, felt good, so I kept the pace. Luckily I had trained intervals and hills, there were some hills on this run. Not huge ones, but I passed quite a few people on the hills – which I found interesting.

One last hill at the end, then 20 yards of flat. I had legs left, so I sprinted the last 20 yards and crossed the finish line in …… 31:39!!! 10:12 per mile pace. Last race July I did 44 and change.
I am totally stoked! Funny how I think the course was short or something 🙂
My sister did well as well, and had a new PR. We hung around and cheered on the 1/2 marathoners, and half talked about doing it next year in our delerium.

We are going to do another race in October. Now I have to push even harder since I totally blew away my own expectations! Yay!!


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4 thoughts on “Oh Yeah!!

  1. Donna B

    That is such a great accomplishment. I give kudos to anyone that runs in any kind of races and envy them. Have bad knees here from being overweight so respect what it takes to get through a race. Keep up the good work. You look fantastic!

  2. SeaShore

    Wow! Good for you! That is funny about how you think the miles/km were measured too short. Wonder if any runners thought that they were measured too long?!

    Beating your own time by 13 minutes and passing people on the hillls! Impressive. Did you ever in your wildest dreams believe this would come to pass?

  3. ptg

    That is an absolutely AWESOME time. Congrats on doing such a great job!! I can only wish my time in my upcoming 10K is as good!

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