Run, food and other musings.

Maybe my race time wasn’t a fluke. Today I did a 3.2 mile run in about 32 minutes. I did my hilly run backwards. Not running backwards, but reversed the route. That was interesting – the hill might actually be worse going this way than the other way! I did not do intervals on this run, but just tried to keep a steady up pace the whole way. I did slow down a bit a couple times, just to bring my heart rate back in line.

Doing well on food. Really trying to keep an eye on the nibbles. Since I have increased my fat ratio (gee, doesn’t that sound like a euphemism for weight gain??) I have been more full, which is good. Trying to get 30% fat.

A post by MizFit about gratitude today really came at the best time. DH and I went out for coffee last night, and I was very unlike my usual radiant self. I was bitching about stuff, and had a negative feeling going (very unlike me). Some of it was PMS, but most of it was just letting the little things get in the way. Anyway, MizFit’s post this morning got my mind back to focusing on the good things, and I do realize how grateful I am for all the wonderful things that are in my life and the changes that I have made. Yeah, so my stocks are tanking; yeah, so I’m probably going to have evict my tenants; yeah, I’m concerned about our business in this economic time, blah blah. That’s small stuff, really. In the whole big picture of things, these are just droplets. I’m ready… and radiant!!!

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2 thoughts on “Run, food and other musings.

  1. MizFit

    Im all for the (gratitude and radiance and) thirty percent fat.
    it really does work to keep me satisfied as well.

    lemmie know if you need any thoughts on finding good fats in food!!

  2. SuperDave

    That was good post by miz..
    I find myself letting little things get to me, but in reality they are small..

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