28 Day Body Shapeover Day 26


Back, chest and abs today.
Giant set:
Incline dumbbell chest press: 3 x 15 10 pounds
Flat dumbbell chest fly: 3 x 15 10 pounds
Push ups: 3 x 15 (I had to rest to finish all 15 of these by the last set)

Giant set:
Lying lat fly: 3 x 15 25 pounds
Dumbbell lat row: 3 x 15 10 pounds
Lying dumbbell pullover: 3 x 15 10 pounds

Giant set:
Crunches: 3 x 15
Reverse crunch: 3 x 15
Side jack knife: 3 x 15


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2 thoughts on “28 Day Body Shapeover Day 26

  1. Holly

    WOW – I think I need to change my inspiration photo to YOU! I am so totally amazed at the weight you have lost! You should be SO proud of yourself!

  2. Losing Weight:

    Just found your site…great job with your weight loss. You look fantastic! I clicked on some adsense for you…just to help you out. Consider it my weight loss gift to you! :o)

    Have a great weekend!

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