Getting through the weekend.

Have a good start on the weekend so far. Got up and jogged 3 miles this morning. 31:33 – pretty good time again! I then ran an extra 1/4 mile. I was sort of thinking about going for 4 miles today, but my pace was too fast for me to want to continue on. Gotta build up to that!

Ate well today, but ended up being sick tonight 🙁 Not sure why. DH did not, so it must have been one of the things we ate differently, which was Starbucks, pretty much. Tomorrow is our anniversary, so hope I feel well enough to go on our planned outings!
We are to take a train ride to see foliage (I wouldn’t want to live anywhere other than the NE in Fall!!!), then to my sister’s house. It’s my niece’s birthday tomorrow as well, and we are supposed to go for cake. Gotta keep control over the cake!

I received a gift card to Target, so we went there today and I got a balance ball with resistance band and workout DVDs. What fun! I blew up the ball, and spent some time getting used to it.

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