28 Day Body Shapeover Comparison shots

** Gratuitous pictures of me to follow 😀 **

Well, the scale shows nothing lost for the month, and from the before pics only about 3 pounds on the scale, but noticeable body changes. These first shots were taken in the summer, but I had on the same outfit for comparison. The hard workouts are paying off, and the jogging is paying off. The scale will obey at some point LOL!



Biggest changes in my lower body.
My upper body is strong now, too! Here are my biceps (with loose skin under the arms) in full flex:


Funny how you wouldn’t guess my arms are like that until I flex them.

These pictures are waaaaay better than this one where I weighed 225:

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12 thoughts on “28 Day Body Shapeover Comparison shots

  1. SeaShore

    Wow, seeing is believing! You looked great in the first picture, but then even better in the second. What a testament to the power of working out. You are visibly smaller, but no weight loss. Wow. Good on you!

  2. debbyweighsin

    You look fantastic, Lori. That is really interesting to see that visible change in your body due mostly to exercise. That is a real motivator to keep on keeping on. I’m getting up from my computer right now to take a walk!

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