4 Mile run!!

Today I wanted to try running longer, so I went for 4 miles!! I really think I could do more, but that was enough to try for now.
I didn’t do intervals like I normally do on Saturday track runs because I wanted to make sure I had enough gas to do the last mile LOL! I did do a 5 minute sprint section after the 3rd mile – not really sure how smart that was…..

Anyway, I finished the 4 miles in 43:49 – less than 11 minutes per mile, which I am quite pleased with! Last May I could run 3 miles in 50 minutes. Maybe a half marathon next year isn’t so crazy after all.

Weighed myself before and after the run. I lost 1.8 pounds of water in those 4 miles! Guzzle…guzzle…

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3 thoughts on “4 Mile run!!

  1. SuperDave

    Great job on the running. Do you realize right now that you could run 5-7 miles? With ease..

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