HIIT run today… ugh.

Normally I do interval training with my runs, where I increase the pace for x distance and come back. Not too heavy, as I am just working to increase my speed. Well – I decided to do HIIT today with the jog. Went out with John to the track. He walked, I ran.

So – I did 1/4 mile warmup jog, then started the intervals, going all out for 1 minute, then slow for 1 minute. I actually had to increase the rest time to 1.5 minutes because the intervals were that hard. I blew right by John one time and I actually heard him say “Woah” as I zoomed by, kind of funny! I don’t know as I really enjoyed this level of activity. But, it was something different. I know many people swear by HIIT and that is the only way they do cardio, but it isn’t really fun for me. I do like my slower intervals, guess they are ITs instead of HIITs 😀

There are always new levels of fitness to aspire to.

New variation on the 1 minute muffin:
This one is a little fattier than I like to eat, but very tasty. Might try the pumpkin in place of the oil in this one as well, or possibly applesauce.

1/4 cup almond meal
1 egg
1.5 tsp oil
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp sugar
ground nutmeg to taste

Mix all ingredients together. Microwave in a small bowl or silicone muffin cup (large size) for 80 seconds.

This looks a little like a corn muffin, and has a yummy flavor. A bit eggy, but good. Would also be yummy with some cocoa powder added, or almond extract!

** Note, this was actually DH’s breakfast, but that little bite in the picture was from me. I grabbed the camera, and he said “Are you going to put my breakfast on the internet?” LOL.

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2 thoughts on “HIIT run today… ugh.

  1. carla

    Kudos on the WHOA.


    And I laughed @ your husband comment as mine has begged (mandated? Who can say ;)) I write about him as sparingly as humanly possible.


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