Awesome Race!!

What a gorgeous day for the race. Sunny, 45-50 degrees, no wind. Absolutely beautiful fall day. It made me happy just to be out in this weather!
There were not a lot of runners at this race, maybe 150 tops. It’s the 2nd annual, about 3x the turnout they had last year.

So, we lined up on a bridge facing a hill. They started us going uphill!! I am so glad I was hill training just for variety’s sake!! We started and a lot of people booked up the hill. I just kept a steady pace, knowing the town that this was not likely to be the only hill, and I was correct. This was a very hilly course. Of course, a lot of people got tired and I passed them further on down the road. I just kept up a steady higher pace throughout, figured that’s what I did my interval training for. I was cooking along, but quite sure that with the hills I would not beat my last race time.

I was wrong! The clock said 30:21 as I crossed the finish line! That is a 9:47 mile, I could not believe it! The clock was only off about 5 seconds from my chronometer (which I started a few seconds late), so it was accurate! After I cooled down a bit, I actually got a little weepy with happiness about how far I have come since April! Such a goof 🙂

Of course, I have proceeded to not eat really well today LOL! Anyway, I don’t know how I am going to beat this time in my next race in 2 weeks! Maybe if it is a flat course……

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5 thoughts on “Awesome Race!!

  1. Skye-Lynn

    You are such an inspiration! I can’t imagine running from my house to my car at this point in my life, much less a 5K. Then I look at your pictures and stats and picture myself one day being where you are! You will be blessed for sharing your story with the world.

  2. MizFit


    that’s all there is to say.

    you are a role model.


    Miz. who hath run NOT ONE RACE. ever.

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