I've been tagged.

I have been tagged by Dave.

6 interesting or random things about me. Hmmmmm……

1. I roast my own coffee. Buy the green beans and roast at home. Nothing beats fresh roasted coffee!

2. I make soap as well, from scratch.

3. I’m a huge Broncos fan (which pleases DH to no end). I lived in CO during the first Superbowl win. The sunrise the next day was blue and orange, seriously. It was pretty cool.

4. I have multiple college degrees, of which I am not using any in my career(s)!

5. I have 2 kitties at opposites of the age spectrum. One is 18, one is a little over a year old. One came from a shelter and the other got attached to me as a stray.

6. I didn’t get my first cavity until I was 18! Won’t tell you how many I have had since then 🙂

Now, on to randomly tag some of my regular blog readers! Chai, Debbie, Hollie.

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