Horrible eating day.

I just really ate horribly today. I am totally stressed out about one of my kitties. She now has some paralysis of her right side which started last night. She had this happen about a year ago, which the vet thought was a stroke. She said that Chloe would either get better, or go down hill. She got better.
I am really hoping that happens this time, but I have a very heavy heart right now. She is not in any pain, has eaten food and is purring, so as long as she is comfortable – that is the best I can do right now. I really don’t want to have to make the decision to euthanize her.

So, I just have been medicating with food. Granola, chocolate chips and pretzels. I know it doesn’t make me feel better, but it keeps me from crying at any rate.

I went out for a long run today to help myself – 4 miles. So at least that mitigates some of the damage.


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9 thoughts on “Horrible eating day.

  1. SeaShore

    I am so sorry that your sweet kitty isn't well. I've said a prayer for you & Chloe. Take care. (hugs)

  2. diana

    I’m so sorry about your kitty and hope she recovers. You’ve taken care of yourself in the best way you could today so don’t be too hard on yourself.

  3. SuperDave

    Awww, I am so sorry. Our pets can’t tell us when they’re hurting, which makes it difficult. Purring is a good sign. Hang in there Lori..

  4. MizFit

    I so feel you as my dogs are, well, MY KIDS.

    but today is a new day.

    take care of you so you can take better care of her.

    xo xo,


  5. debby

    Oh, Lori, I hope this is a temporary setback for your Chloe. It is an impossible decision to have to euthanize one of our pets. Keep us posted.

  6. Foxglove Cottage

    You certainly have my sympathy. I know how difficult these decisions can be. I had a cat develop diabetes and after struggling with it I finally had to make the decision. I hope you don’t have to for a long time!
    I know about emotional eating too…I’m the Queen.

  7. Token Fat Girl

    I’m so sorry to hear about your cat 🙁
    I can relate so much to emotional eating, but your 4 miles is wonderful!

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