Outside jogging is winding down.

I think I am a bit of a wuss runner. I don’t have a treadmill, so I have to run outside. I started in April, so haven’t really hit any super cold spells yet. Only got poured on once.
It’s been getting very cold around here. Yesterday it was 28 degrees when I woke up, and we had a hard freeze. Not interested in jogging! DH and I were supposed to go out today, but it rained all day and was 45 degrees. I just did an exercise DVD inside.

I have found that leaves are slippery. Especially in this cold, damp weather. That’s a little alarming to skid around. Pretty, though.

So, looks like only 1 more run this week before my next race on Saturday.
It’s tempting to think about a treadmill, but the $$ and space deter me. Guess it’s time to change up the exercise routine!


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4 thoughts on “Outside jogging is winding down.

  1. SuperDave

    Yes I know, There is a reason I left Chicago – too cold! TN – I will be able to run most of the winter outside. Even though, I will use my gym membership when it’s real cold.

  2. Skye-Lynn

    We bought a treadmill 2 years ago and we seriously regret it. Regardless of the weather, there is nothing like being outdoors.

  3. Foxglove Cottage

    I’m not up to running (yet) but I’ll bundle up and walk all winter…I don’t mind the cold. I’d love to have a treadmill but I’m space challenged as it is so I know what you mean.

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