Race Day!

Well, the weather was fairly crappy for today’s race. It started cloudy and 40ish, then it started to drizzle. John decided not to walk the 5K, because he didn’t want to be miserable. Me – I paid entry, so the cheapie that I am decided to tough it out LOL! It was cold when we started.
The course was pretty flat. Seemed like more hard core runners at this race, and there were only a little over 100. Some people in costume, which was funny. I figured I would be near the end of the pack. I was nearer the end when I started, but I just start slower than others and then speed up, so I caught up to some others as we went on.

I went a long quite well, then right near the end I got confused about the track to take, and kind of stopped to see what was going on. Some people took a wrong turn through a lot, and I was confused as to which group to follow since there was not a flagger at the lot entrance. Turns out I chose the correct way. I started my sprint too early though, misjudged the end.
Even with the stop, I did the 5K in 30:12 – which bettered my time of 30:21 a couple weeks ago. I might have broken the 30 minute barrier if I hadn’t stopped LOL!
So – that is a 9:44 mile pace. I am psyched!! And tired 🙂

Had my mom and hubby there to cheer me on, which was really great!

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4 thoughts on “Race Day!

  1. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! Your time rocks! So glad you stuck with it despite the weather. Treat yourself well this evening. You deserve a bubble bath or whatever kind of down time you do 🙂 L

  2. SuperDave

    Girl you just keep getting faster and faster! Anytime you can run a 5K in under A 10 MIN/ AVG you are haulin butt! I need to get running some races/ you are catching up to me.. 😉

  3. debbyweighsin

    Congratulations, Lori! You are really turning into a serious racer! Isn’t that just a miracle when you think about the former you?

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