7 thoughts on “Refuse To Regain book now out!

  1. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    Thanks for the plug, Lori! I just ordered my copy, too. It’s all Barbara’s book, but I wrote the intro. I’ve never written anything that’s been in a book before so I’m a little nervous about it. I can’t imagine what Barbara feels. L

  2. Mrs. Skye-Lynn Young

    Thanks! I look forward to reading it. I may have only lost 11 of the 135 pounds that I intend to lose, but one day I will need that book! I am determined!

  3. Cat in the Foxgloves

    Even though my weight loss efforts are going at a snails pace (a sleeping snail) it’s good to know there’s a book out there to help me when I finally become thin and beautiful!

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