Candy Corn has entered the house!

So we went shopping and got Halloween stuff. Decided on Snyders pretzel snack packs and Jax snack packs. These don’t tempt me, and they aren’t all sugary, so it’s a good thing. However, John wanted candy corn. Now, he does not have the problem with candy corn that I do. It’s like crack to me. I was standing there smelling the bag when we got it home. I’m surprised I didn’t drool.
So I made him promise to hide them, which he did. And not in his usual hiding places either, since I know where those are 😀

I have permission to have 5 pieces (kernels??) in a day. So, John has to make sure I am not looking to get my 5 pieces. That’s kind of sad, but it is what I have to do to not inhale 500 calories in one sitting… at least!

I cannot believe that we are supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow overnight. It’s freaking October, and we don’t live in Colorado anymore, so it seems a bit early!! Cold and rainy today, so no jogging, and I certainly won’t be jogging in the snow. Time to crack out the DVDs.

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8 thoughts on “Candy Corn has entered the house!

  1. Chai Latté

    For some reason, referring to them as “kernels” cracks me up!

    I am the same way with them. I LOVE THEM. And could not stop if I started. So I am definitely not going to start!

  2. SeaShore

    I have a feeling Hallowe’en candy will be a popular blog topic this week!

    Related to candy corn are those little creme pumpkins. I love those! We didn’t buy any this year, because I don’t think I would resist inhaling them, as you say, for very long!

    Good luck with the snow!

  3. SuperDave

    I think we all had the cold, rainy Tuesday.
    I absolutely love candycorn! Not like you though. You need therapy.. haha
    You know, many runners eat candycorn as their ” energy” on longer runs. Easy to pocket, quick energy, and so good.
    Maybe there is a compromise..

  4. debbyweighsin

    This is hilarious! I LOVE candy corn. And for some reason, they keep candy corn on the counter at Curves. So today, I went for a walk/run before I had to go out to the dentist, and I wore my workout clothes so I would stop at Curves on the way home. But I REALLY did not want to stop and workout. But I reminded myself that I could have a few candy corns if I would stop and work out.

    I thought it was kind of pitiful, but now I realize I am just a real athlete–haha!

  5. Donna B

    my weakness as well. I never remembered checking the calories on this sweet treat, and have no intentions of getting near a bag. After elimintaing sugar for my diet in January, I am sure I would be as sick as a dog if I tried to eat even one serving. Kind of makes me feel sick even thinking of it now, but it is 6:30 AM!
    Keep up the good work! You look GREAT!

  6. Dee

    I sooooooo feel your pain. Candy corn makes me so weak. Its so bad that I’ve made dh do the grocery shopping until they get rid of it in the stores….good for you resisting temptation!!!

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