Kick off to the eating season has begun!

Today is the day that typically marks the start of the food frenzy to the end of the year. I think a lot of people already have Jan 1st marked in the back of their minds as a point to restart, so then loosen up from now until then end of the year.

Fall is my favorite time of year, I love the cooler weather, fall colors, and of course the beginning of baking season! I do love me some home made cookies. I hope to reach goal at some point this year. I managed last year to continue to lose weight during the fall and christmas months, and lost about 10 pounds from November 1st through Jan 1.
I do have 2 days where I will allow myself to eat more food than usual. Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. More so on Christmas eve, the last 2 years we hosted the family dinner and John and I love to cook and bake. So that day is one where I choose to eat a lot, and I really enjoy it.

The other thing I have trouble with at this time of year is eggnog lattes. I have only met one other person who can drink eggnog like I can, and I happened to marry him LOL! For some reason, I can drink a big glass of it and want more. I know most people think it’s too rich and can only have small amounts, but not me! So – I do let myself have one or 2 during the season. We also will make them at home with light eggnog cut with milk. That helps satisfy the craving without too many extra calories.

So, vigilance is the key for the next 60 days, allowing treats, but not to excess. Making sure I keep up the exercise and plan my eating to account for the extras.

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3 thoughts on “Kick off to the eating season has begun!

  1. Michelle

    Wow, you are doing fantastic!! So close to a new decade of numbers!! WooHoo!! Keep up the great work!

  2. Cat in the Foxgloves

    You are really doing great! I’m sure the “eating season” (love that name!) won’t even faze you!

  3. debbyweighsin

    Hi Lori, I don’t know why I grew up with eggnog like this, but I actually like it better than any other. Just egg and low-fat milk, in a blender with some nutmeg, rum flavoring, and splenda (used to use sugar.) I like those egg nog latte’s too, and the pumpkin spice ones too!

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