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Well, last night we went out to a Chinese buffet for dinner. We have not eaten at a buffet in probably at least a year. I can’t believe it has been that long. I had kind of been wanting to go Chinese for a month or so, so when John suggested it, I was game.

This buffet was quite good, and there were a lot of healthy selections. I did eat some fried things, but only had one crab rangoon – which are usually my big downfall. Ate mostly unfried meat with some noodles, and a couple interesting breaded seafood things. Avoided the rice and picked some broccoli out of one of the dishes to make sure I got some veggies. Then I had a bit of ice cream for dessert. Not a horrible amount of food, but really much more than I am accustomed to eating. The scale showed the dreaded sodium effect this morning, though LOL! Probably take me all week to get rid of it.

It was really a nice day here, cold but sunny – so a perfect day to get out for a run. I went 4 miles today at a steady pace with one sprint section in there after the 3rd mile. I am still waffling about doing a 1/2 marathon. That’s a long time to be running. I’ll probably try a 10K to see what happens. I officially signed up for a Turkey Trot on Tday morning, so I am committed weather bad or not! Could be pretty cold at 8:30 am.

Tomorrow starts my new lifting program. I am kind of excited, I really love the weights. I need to get some more for myself, so I need to check one of those used sports equipment stores and see what’s available.

On a good note, I did stop at a consignment shop yesterday. Got 3 pairs of pants to try on, 2 size 8 and 1 size 10. The 10s were way too big (yay!!), one size 8 was too small, and the other size 8 was just right. And they were only $4.50. Gotta love a bargain!

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5 thoughts on “Run, new workouts, Chinese food

  1. Donna B

    Keep up the good work! I am having the same overdose on sodium problem this morning as well. Good luck with your running. Wish my knees weren’t so bad, but at least I can walk at a good clip to get some exercise in.

  2. Cat in the Foxgloves

    Yum, Chinese! There’s a great Chinese buffet here and I LOVE the long beans!

    And isn’t it great when you go to try on clothes and they’re too big? You’ve done an amazing job!

  3. ptg

    You have done a fabulous job with the weight loss – getting a size 8 and 10, and finding out the size you thought you were is not in fact the size you are? Totally and completely AWESOME.

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