Cottage cheese, who knew?

You know, my whole life up until a few months ago, I thought cottage cheese was really gross. Now, this is really an odd thought, because I am all about cheese. I love cheese, all kinds of different cheese in all forms. So why wouldn’t I like cottage cheese?

I finally realized that it was the texture I didn’t care for (although I do love fried cheese curds, go figure). Cottage cheese in and of itself does not have much taste. I tried some this summer with pineapple, which I sort of liked – but it was pretty sweet, and there was that texture thing. Well, it didn’t dawn on me that I could change the texture. I saw a recipe for protein pancakes, and since I have a Magic Bullet blender (best kitchen tool ever next to the coffee pot) I made them. I was really surprised at the fact that I really liked them!
Cottage cheese really is a great source of protein, so I’ve been scouring the net for recipes. If you do this, please note that you should search for cottage cheese recipes. Not just cottage cheese, or you will get a bunch of sites that focus on celebrities and their cottage cheese thighs, or how you can get rid of cottage cheese thighs.

I have done a cheesecake that is part cream cheese and part cottage cheese which I quite liked. I also blended some with honey and cinnamon and spread it on an Arnold sandwich thin. Tried to broil it, but the spread was on a little thick 🙂

My next stop is going to be cottage cheese muffins, probably this weekend. Will post with the results.

How about that, a whole post dedicated to cottage cheese!

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8 thoughts on “Cottage cheese, who knew?

  1. Chai Latté

    I looove cottage cheese! And actually, its the texture that I love the most!

    With pineapple is the best, but with dill is second best!

  2. Pubsgal

    I like experimenting with seasonings in cottage cheese: lemon pepper, Thai, and curry powder work nicely. I’ll have to try making it smooth sometime, or try the protein pancakes.

  3. Mrs. Skye-Lynn Young

    I’m the same. I really have trouble getting pass the texture. I never thought to incorporate it into recipes though. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Ron

    Hmmm, I am 49 and I think the texture has caused me not to eat it either, maybe I need to give it a try… BTW, I am amazed and happy for you for what you have accomplished here with your weight

  5. Donna B

    I LOVE cottage cheese and eat it mainly for my morning snack with either my homemade applesauce or apple butter (100% natural, no sugar). I do think it is something you either like or dislike. Would love the cheesecake recipe and the muffins intrique me as well.

  6. debbyweighsin

    Hi Lori, I am a cottage cheese lover too, and it is the texture that I like. I used to just eat the cottage cheese that was pre-prepared with pineapple, but now I love it with all kinds of stuff. Pancakes. great on top of baked potatoes. Isn’t that your ham and cheese muffin recipe that includes some cottage cheese? Anyways, be sure to share your muffin recipe with us!

  7. Mrs. Jelly Belly

    A ham and cheese muffin that includes cottage cheese? Oh, definitely share the recipe! It sounds great.

    Congratulations on your fantastic weight loss achievement. You’re an inspiration.

  8. Jill

    My parents make a breakfast shake with cottage cheese, yoghurt, milk, frozen fruit (usually blackberries, which grow in abundance around their house), half a banana. That is the basic recipe – blend and drink. They add, per their health desires, an egg yolk (not white), brewer’s yeast for vitamin B, and 1 T coconut oil, melted and blended in. This is VERY tasty and filling. It easily fills you till lunchtime. Sometimes they use peaches in place of banana.
    I don’t use this because I don’t do fruit in the AM, since I have a very high metabolism, but it is still good, even though it doesn’t work for me.

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