Good run, and ate too much.

Well, Saturday was planned to be a high calorie day. Good thing. Let’s just say PMS, cookies and ice cream and leave it at that.
Today is a new day!

So, maybe that was some sort of self-sabotage to keep me out of the 130s, or something else. I don’t know. I do know that I was not full at *all* during the day. Even after the ice cream after dinner, I was not full. That was the PMS part, I think. Anyhoo – what’s done is done.

Today we went out for what seems to be the new Sunday activity – the 5K! John is working on jogging, so we go to the track and he goes around doing a walk/jog for 3 miles. I just jog the whole time and see how far I get, which pretty much always turns out to be 4 miles, as it was today. I don’t do any speed work or intervals. Just steady jogging. HRM says I burned 450 calories! I’ll take it!

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