Christmas shopping

Went out Christmas shopping today at the outlet malls. There weren’t many people at first, it was before lunch, but a lot of people were there after lunch. We had gone to downtown Lake George in search of Indian food, but most places are closed for the season now, including that place. So we went to a cafe and I had a egg bagel sandwich. Thought that was a better choice than Indian food at any rate! Did have a scone, so we walked around a lot when we went back to the outlet malls. Parked further up and kept walking.

I thought there seemed to be a lot of people out shopping, but who really knows how much anyone is spending. Hope the holiday season is good for the retailers. Seemed like all the shops had some sort of deal or special going on. Several shops were going out of business as well. We have seen some decline in our business this year, not sure what next year will bring.

I about died when we went into Harry and Davids. They have eggnog truffles!! Good thing they didn’t have those as samples! Maybe some of those will end up in my stocking.

I noticed one really cool thing this year while shopping. I knew that I could go into any of the shops there and find a lot of clothes that fit (except the Lane Bryant, of course!!). That was exciting! I tried on jackets and coats in medium, and still find it quite the thrill to see that size. I don’t care if it is vanity sizing nowadays. From a 24W to a medium is pretty damn cool.

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7 thoughts on “Christmas shopping

  1. Last Journey Down

    Down to medium! Fantabulous! Truffles? Hmmm… If I got ONE in MY stocking, well… you plant dangerous seeds!

  2. Lynn Haraldson-Bering

    Pretty damn cool, indeed! Lake George…as in Finger Lakes Lake George or somewhere not cold Lake George?

  3. debbyweighsin

    YES IT IS! It is unbelievably stinking cool! And so fun, really, isn’t it? How bout shoes? I try on so many shoes that the old me wouldn’t have bothered to, because it hurt to wear anything other than ‘comfortable shoes.’ I LOVE SHOES!

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