Bracing for winter…. brrrrr….

We normally go out for bagels on Sunday morning for breakfast. There are various places we go to, but decided to go to Starbucks for something different. Being early in the morning, the pastry case was chocked full of goodies like donuts, muffins, and Pumpkin scones. I wavered a tiny bit, but then got the Perfect Oatmeal with brown sugar topping. 190 calories and pretty good. Can’t believe I went out and bought oatmeal, but it was a better alternative than even the low fat coffee cakes (and I really wanted a Pumpkin Scone). Victory there, although I do have a bit of craving for a bagel LOL!

We are getting a big blast of cold air this week. I toughed it out today for a jog, despite the cold and wind. Low 40s and very blustery, but this is the best looking day for the next 7 days! So I had to run while I had the chance. The wind blew so hard at times that it made my eyes water, but the rest of me wasn’t cold, since I had bought a new technical shirt, turtleneck to keep me warm. I just kept thinking of burning 300 calories, and that was enough motivation for me to keep going. Temps for the rest of the week are going to be low 30s with snow and yucky precipitation.
I don’t necessarily love the running itself, but I am totally addicted to the feeling of accomplishment after I finish.

So I made it through the weekend eating pretty well. I really want those 130s.

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3 thoughts on “Bracing for winter…. brrrrr….

  1. carla

    Im so stuck on the fact that you LIKE the planks.


    they are the exercise version of….veggies for me 🙂

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