Product Review: Mary Lou's Weigh.

I get asked to review stuff from time to time. Most times I don’t want to because the products are some sort of herbal (or non) supplements, which I don’t want to take. Anyway, this is a product that I found very interesting.
It’s called Mary Lou’s Weigh, and it is a combination scale and cheerleader, designed by Mary Lou Retton (so you know it’s perky).

The difference between this and a scale is that Mary Lou’s Weigh doesn’t tell you your exact weight. It works in 10 pound increments, where you try to achieve a loss of 10 pounds at a time. So, for those of you who like concrete numbers (like myself), this product is probably not for you. If you are a person who wants small goals, or doesn’t like to know the exact number on the scale, Mary Lou’s Weigh would be something you would be interested in.

Overall, I have to say that Mary Lou’s Weigh is kind of fun. The platform itself reminds me of the Simon game (yes, I know I am dating myself, but it’s true). There is a lighted pad on the top that will flash blue and green at you. It’s designed for 2 users, one for each side (green or blue). When you lose your first amount of weight, Mary Lou tells you how many pounds you lost, along with flashing lights, then a motivational pep talk. After that, the weight loss is not done by pounds lost that day, but how many in total. So if you gain a pound, the scale says “You have lost a total of x pounds”, with that number being less than the previous total, rather than telling you that you gained. And then Mary Lou gives you another pep talk. You are encouraged to step on the platform daily. After you lose your 10 pounds, you can reset the platform for another 10, or maintain.

As far as accuracy goes, I stepped on the platform and got my message, then drank a glass of water. I stepped back on the scale, and the total amount lost was 1/2 a pound less than before, so it seems accurate to about 1/2 pound – which is good. It also will prevent scale hopping, you know when you jump on and off the scale to see if the number is right. Since it records your weight right then, if you get on the platform again, it will register it as a new day, so to speak.

Another nice feature is that if anyone steps on the platform, that weight will not be recorded if it is off by more than your 10 pound starting point. So if your kids, dog, roommate, or whomever steps on it, your progress won’t be ruined.

There is a little compartment on the bottom for cartridges to be installed to change the pep talks. I believe that these currently are not available, but are supposed to be in the future.

This product seems to really be a positive thing, presenting positive views to you at all times, with a healthy approach to weight loss. So, I think this could really be beneficial to someone who might really be frustrated with a regular scale (duh, I guess who isn’t that way at times). I find myself smiling at the platform when I get on it, so you know that’s a good thing!

The current cost is about $80, so it’s not cheap. You could get a normal scale that will give you more concrete information such as body fat analysis for the same amount. But, I don’t know if I would necessarily put Mary Lou’s Weigh in the same category as a scale, but more like a motivational tool.

There is also a website available where you can read recipes, success stories, relaxation techniques, state your goals, and get motivation. You don’t have to buy the product to view the website tools.

If you have any other questions about it, you can email me at javaqueen01 at yahoo dot com

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