Giving Thanks

What a wonderful day!

I want to thank all of you readers who have read this blog and supported me, or pepped me up when I needed it. Blogs are very personal, and sharing this journey has been fun and interesting to do on the ‘net.
I also want you to know that reading all your blogs also helps keep me motivated!

Today’s race was the biggest one I have attended yet. I was think a few hundred people at 8:30 am on Thanksgiving, but no – it was 2000, yes, two thousand people! And it also was a casual race, so no time starts – we all just went as one clog, not to mention the walkers that started at the head of the pack slowing us down, so I threw timing out the window right away. It was around 30 minutes or thereabouts.
Anyway, it turned out to be pretty awesome weather, even though it was a bit cold. It was sunny and gorgeous, and above freezing (but not by much LOL!).
Here is me ducking into a building just prior to the race.

I finished the race and just felt so good, and so thankful that I can be fit and able to take part in activities like this. John said something to me after the race that he had been looking at some pictures of me from a few years ago 100 pounds heavier, and how back then a day like today wouldn’t even have been possible (let alone even crossed my mind). And how fit I have become since then. Heck, even a year ago I wasn’t thinking about running.

So, I was able to pass off some food today with the phrase “Well, I ran 3 miles today”, however, that probably lasted as long as the cheese and crackers 😀
I’m all right with that. These days are few and far between for me. I didn’t really have any second helping of things, but a bit too much grazing. One thing I am thankful about now is not having guilt when I eat.

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7 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Ron

    Congrats on finishing the race. I think I did like you.. didn’t stuff myself but did some grazing also…. Thank Goodness Thanksgiving is only one day!!

  2. Donna B

    tons of credit goes to you for running on Thanksgiving day! That was so inspirational to me, since bad knees keep me from running. I did ride the exercise bike before heading out for our Thanksgiving meal. Keep up the good work!

  3. debbyweighsin

    Isn’t that just wonderful, Lori, to remember what it was like 100 pounds ago, and then to see what your life is like today?

    It sure makes all the ‘hard work’ worth it, huh!

  4. Honey Mommy

    I don’t think I’ve visited your blog before, but I have to say that you look awesome! Just seeing the pictures of you from before and after are motivational for me!

    I can lose that last 35 pounds, which would put me at a total weight loss of 85. Can you imagine!?

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