Another race tomorrow.

I must be nuts. It’s going to be in the 20s tomorrow morning at 9 am, and I am going to be running a 5K (provided my cold doesn’t get worse).
My 9-year-old niece did a running program to build them up to a 5K, and the race they were aiming for is tomorrow. So, my sister, John, and I are going to join her on the run!
I won’t be going for time or anything, just to run with her and finish with her.

I have this little sniffly thing going on, though. My throat is a touch sore and I have a bit of a runny nose. I’ve been snorting the Zicam, which is either really helping – or this is just taking a long time to develop. Will see. If I feel as I do now tomorrow morning, then I will run.

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7 thoughts on “Another race tomorrow.

  1. SunflowerDaisies

    Have you ever run a marathon? Someday I think I’d like to run one, but would need an extraordinary amount of training. I’ve never been a runner before, but would like to become one though.

  2. Donna B

    I envy you doing this run, even in the cold! My knees are bad, and riding a bike and walking is the best I can do to keep them pain free. Good luck! can’t wait to hear how it went. Kudos to your niece and the rest of the gang as well!

  3. SuperDave

    This sounds like a fun run, if you can stand the cold!
    Word to the wise, (from my 18 deg run 2 weeks ago)- slight cold + cold weather made my nose run even more during the race. Make sure you bring a hankie cuz your surely to have lots of post nasla drippage.haha
    Have fun tomorrow!

  4. Cat in the Foxgloves

    Good luck! You’re far more ambitious than I am, but I’ve lost another pound!! LOVE your recipes! You’ve got me hooked on bars and it’s helped me reduce my sugar and junk food consumption.

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