Girls on the Run

So, I was feeling okay this morning and we decided to go ahead and do the race. I made the mistake of checking the temperature before leaving the house. 15 degrees!! Oh my gosh was it cold!! I wore my technical turtleneck (my new best friend), a sweatshirt, and a fleece jacket. I barely broke a sweat until the very end. It was sunny at least. And Dave – I had a paper towel for my nose, I realized a tissue wasn’t going to cut it, and I was glad to have had it. My nose ran like a sieve after the first mile or so.

My niece did great. There were a lot of Girls on the Run participants there. The run had probably around 300 people participating, at least 1/3 of them young girls. Anyway, she ran a whole mile before she wanted to walk some. I kept pace with her and my sister for almost 2 miles, then I started to feel really tired and just wanted to finish, so I just kept jogging instead of slowing down. I was quite slow, and didn’t do a sprint near the end. I don’t recommend jogging in below freezing weather when you are sick. John thought it probably wasn’t a good idea, and he’s right LOL! (Don’t tell him I said that).
Anyway, all of the girls got medals – I got to see them cross the finish line running and was a proud Auntie! And John finished, too – proud of him as well!

I am now at home under a blanket with some tea, and starting to feel pretty crummy.

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4 thoughts on “Girls on the Run

  1. SuperDave

    Cold!! is an understatement.. good for you and the girls to get out there.
    *In my very loud voice*

  2. LastJourneyDown

    What a maniac you are!!!! You must a burned a zillion kcals, girl! But so glad you are now taking care of yourself – Rest out the wkend! Have a restful one…

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