Taking it easy today.

I am icky sick now. It hit me hard last night, and today I felt so bad that I didn’t even want to go out for our normal Sunday morning bagel. You know it’s bad, then. It hurts too much to swallow, so I just had some soothing pumpkin oatmeal.
Been pounding the fluids.

I did have to go out to meet a prospective tenant earlier- who never showed up, jerkwad! I specifically asked yesterday that he call me if he wasn’t going to make the appointment. Not the kind of person I want as a tenant. Can’t follow through with instructions. It wouldn’t have bothered me that much, except for not feeling well.

So, I have been bundled up on the couch with my puter, studying and watching football. It’s really hard to take a rest. I still want to exercise, kind of – even though I really need to rest. It’s a hard habit to get out of. I’m kind of pissed that getting sick happened right when I really had a groove going.

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5 thoughts on “Taking it easy today.

  1. SuperDave

    Just when you are feeling good, Whammo! Sick monster enters!
    Hope you get feeling better.
    Guess what? Milk it from John as long as you can… 😉

  2. Donna B

    Hope you feel better soon. I hate getting sick this time of the year, it seems 10 times worse than other times of the year.

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