ice and cookies

Here is a picture of my butterfly bush, which is surprisingly green for December.
This is from the snow and ice storm last week.

Pretty, though – isn’t it? Supposed to get 2-4 inches tonight. More shoveling tomorrow!!

After my talk yesterday about how I eat, all I can think about right now is Christmas cookies, isn’t that funny? The one time of year where I let myself eat them in quantity. Just need to get through the next week, though LOL!

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3 thoughts on “ice and cookies

  1. SeaShore

    I think we’re getting that same snow tomorrow, or maybe as rain.

    Coincidentally, I’m baking again tonight, but feeling more in control this time. The cookies are going into the freezer as soon as they cool, to be transported tomorrow evening.

  2. debbyweighsin

    That is very funny, Lori. I could have titled my blog for today (if I write it) the exact same thing!

  3. run4change

    I over did it with cookies the other day. I don’t even normally like sweets. I am more of a chips and bread kind of person. You look fantastic in your pics. I have lost 130 lbs. I am proud of you and just wanted to say great job. IF you need some inspiration for your maintenance journey, stop by my blog. I am trying to maintain at the moment.

    Great job again.

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