Post binge, back on track.

Phew…. the last couple of days was a graze fest. So many cookies! Thank goodness we only do this once a year! The only thing I didn’t have this holiday is alcohol. Well, I did have a splash of brandy in the eggnog – but not too much 🙂

It felt sooooo good to get back to my normal eating routine today. Plus, I got in my cardio and strength training. The sugar monster is roaring pretty fierce, though. I am sugar sensitive, and the last couple of days have really set that beast loose again. It’s been difficult to stay out of the cookies (but I did!!). I know I need a couple more days before those cravings are going to subside. I got a Larabar in my stocking, so I will have that later as a ‘dessert’.

The funny thing is – I did not get any heartburn the last couple of days, which is surprising considering the rich food. However, I did get heartburn today eating on plan! Still trying to figure that one out.

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4 thoughts on “Post binge, back on track.

  1. Ron

    I agree about the getting back to a normal eating routine, for me, I normally don’t have any sweets or desserts in the house, but going to my mom’s and my ex’s.. their tables were filled with them. Now that I am back home, it’s easy for me get back to eating normal!

  2. Julia

    Hi, Lori:
    Thank you so much for stopping by and the encouraging words. I see there’s a lot of us getting back on track again:)

    Your pictures are great, very inspiring. I wish you and your family a wonder, healthy, New Year!

  3. new*me

    i am so glad to say goodbye to the cookies………….I could eat too many without thinking. Thankfully, I have a sis with 8 kids to give them to 🙂 ……….there’s still some for my kids in the freezer that will come out in moderation 😉

  4. debbyweighsin

    Yes, Lori, I get what you’re saying about the sugar monster roaring! I think I am in for a couple of days of hard work getting away from him.

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