Still on plan and flexibility

Had another good eating day today. Sugar monster is getting much quieter now. I’ve also been drinking a lot of water. I realized that I was not drinking very much at all the last few days.
Funny how I noticed my usual breakfast of protein pancakes yesterday tasted unsweet to me, which is normally not the case. That is a testament to how sugar can really affect your tastebuds.

I found out that cooking with whey protein is different than soy protein. The soy incorporates into oatmeal very well and gives a creamy texture. We got a huge canister of whey protein, since I thought I might limit my soy intake – and so I cooked my pumpkin oatmeal with that this morning. The texture was decidedly different. More granular. I wonder if stirring the protein powder in after cooking would be a solution to that, because it kind of bothered me, and I love my pumpkin oatmeal!

I also realized that my flexibility has gone to hell since I started doing more running and harder strength training. I used to do pilates quite a bit, but you know how a workout regimen has to be edited, so pilates got put on the back burner.
I decided to download a free 20 minute yoga workout from Yoga Downloads. It’s an MP3 that you can play while doing the routines, pretty neat. Anyway, I got the gentle Hatha yoga 1, and wow are my hamstrings tight! I have now vowed (or I guess made a *resolution*) to do pilates or yoga several times a week to get that flexibility back.

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4 thoughts on “Still on plan and flexibility

  1. debby

    Hi Lori, I got some whey protein to try your protein pancakes. Is that what you use. They came out pretty dry, so I don’t knpw if it was the protein, or just that I overcooked them.

  2. Lori

    debby – I normally use soy, there probably will be some variation on batter depending on the brand of protein powder. I have never had issues with them being dry. They don’t have to cook very long at all, just til set, otherwise they will be a bit tough.

  3. SuperDave

    I try to stretch at least 10 to 15 mins after each run and upperbody workout.

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