The weather was so gorgeous today. Upper 40s and the sun peeking out occasionally from clouds. We were supposed to get rain, but it never showed. So – I decided to go out for a run. I haven’t run in a couple weeks since the Girls on the Run. We don’t own a treadmill, so weather is the deciding factor in outdoor jogging! I have to say, some people need to SHOVEL!! There is absolutely no excuse to shovel your driveway and not the sidewalk. It’s the law around here. So, I was ducking in and out of the road at times (side streets).
As I was running, I realized that I do enjoy it! And I missed it. I got pretty sweaty, too, with just a long sleeve t-shirt on. Felt great.

I had a Larabar the other day, and was quite taken with it. The ingredients looked super easy, just dates and cashews. Seems pretty easy to duplicate. We picked up some dates at the store today, and I measured out some dates and cashews – then some protein powder (you all know how I love my protein!). I thought the mixture would be too dry with the protein powder, so I added water. I won’t do that next time, as it made the ‘batter’ too sticky. The flavor was very good. I need to tweak the recipe a bit this week before I post it. So many options for this as well. Thinking it might become my new nightly snack! John said we can call them Loribars 😀

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