Blood donation and kickboxing

Got my blood donation done today. The tech was awesome, I barely felt the needle! She was great!
Wonder which lucky person gets a little bit of radiance?? 😀

And – they had my favorite post-donation snack: Lorna Doones! Yum! It was a good day.

Got a Netflix DVD today called Kickboxing for Dummies. It sounded like fun. The workout was interesting, but a bit complex for my first try – and I was a bit uncoordinated (I don’t know, maybe that isn’t anything new…..). I’ll try it a couple more times. I like the power behind the kickboxing.

I’m excited for tomorrow – my sister is getting some guest passes so my mom and I can join her and the nieces at the Y! We are going to swim, sauna, run and maybe lift a little depending on the time. Then coffee!! Yay – last chance workout on the year!

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3 thoughts on “Blood donation and kickboxing

  1. SeaShore

    That sounds like a great get together at the Y! Much better than the usual meeting up to eat. Have fun!

  2. Ron

    Hope you enjoy your day at the Y! Thanks for your suggestions you left me on my blog, I have been looking at HIIT training and plan on starting some tomorrow morning and I really need to count my calories and see how many I am really getting. Thanks again, I really appreciate your comments.

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