Weigh in day! Last one of 2008

Weigh in day on the last day of the year. That worked out well! I gained, but I am still in the 130s (just barely). I’ll take it, compared to how much the scale was up the day after Christmas!

So – basically a net 0 for the month of December, but that’s okay! I’m in the 130s. Reflecting back on a year ago, I weighed 172 at the end of 2007. That’s a little over 30 pounds lost in the last year. Not too shabby!

Got up early-ish this morning and took my mother down to the Y and worked out with my sister and the nieces. We started out in the pool. I have a lot of work to do in order to be able to swim 12 laps (the distance for the triathlon). You would think all my strength training would make it easy – but the water resistance is tiring! I also have to practice just using my arms only – since I need to save my legs for biking and running.

We popped in and out of the whirlpool, sauna (hot!) and steam room (hotter!!). It was fun to be in the toasty whirlpool looking outside at the snow piling up.

Then mom and I hit some weight machines for a while. I worked a little bit of my whole body, rather than just upper or lower, since I used whatever machine was next. That means no strength training tomorrow. Nothing like getting off schedule 😀

Then we went out for lattes and a snack at a wonderful new cafe. Good stuff. What a fun way to spend New Year’s Eve!

John and I are going to chill at home tonight. Cold, snowy, and windy – perfect movie night to ring in the New Year.

Tomorrow I will post about my goals and reflect a bit on the past year. Have a safe and happy holiday, and see you next year!!

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4 thoughts on “Weigh in day! Last one of 2008

  1. SeaShore

    30+ pounds this year is fabulous! 130s! You rock.

    Have a happy new year!(We're doing the same thing: staying in & watching a movie tonight, shovelling snow tomorrow!)

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