Larabar redux

Been playing with home made Larabars.
My first attempt came out pretty crumbly, since I wanted to add protein powder – and that is what has been the problem. I actually crumbled this mixture into oatmeal, and it’s really good!

Anyway, today I did a better bar consistency-wise, and I think this recipe is pretty much a keeper. Now dubbed the Loribar!

20 grams of dates (this is about 4 – no sugar added, just plain dates)
13 grams of protein powder (I used whey)
1/2 oz of cashews
35 grams (about 2 tbsp) reduced fat natural peanut butter. (I used Smuckers)

In a food processor, chop up the dates into small pieces. Remove and put in a bowl. Add the cashews to the processor and chop until they are tiny pieces. Add to the dates. Add the protein powder and mash the mixture together. I found it was easier just to use my hands to smoosh it all together to get an even mixture. Heat up the peanut butter for 20-30 seconds in the microwave so that is is more liquid. Add to the bowl and mix really well. This will still seem somewhat dry, but form into 2 bars by pressing the mixture hard and wrap in plastic wrap and keep in the fridge. As it sits, the protein powder hydrates more and the bar will stay together. I think I might try soaking my dates the next time to give them more moisture. Not quite as moist as a Larabar because of the protein powder, but very tasty! This tastes a lot like a peanut butter cookie!

Makes 2 bars

Stats per bar: 197 calories, 11.5 gram of fat, 16 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, 10.5 grams of protein.

You’ll be seeing more variations on this bar in the future (cocoa powder, I’m looking in your direction!!)

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9 thoughts on “Larabar redux

  1. Dutch

    I like anything that tastes like peanut butter. Thanks for the recipe. I have never heard of a Larabar.

  2. MizFit

    that’s such a great idea!
    since Im not much for creating in the kitchen (I know. I know) it would never have occurred to me to even attempt.

  3. LastJourneyDown

    These sound delicious! I don’t do the kitchen too well, but think I could manage these! Do you think they might freeze well if I make a bunch? Thanks for posting such a great treat!

  4. Lori

    Miche – I think they would freeze fine, but since all ingredients are shelf stable, I think the fridge works just as well. Or even the counter if you don’t make 2 dozen of them!

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